Few of my photographs of spiders that I found in Botanical Garden, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Golden orb-web spider

The Golden Orb Web Spider is not the largest spider, but makes the largest and strongest web. It gets its name from the golden colour of its silk.

Golden orb-web spider

Golden silk orb-weaver

The golden silk orb-weavers (genus Nephila) are a genus of araneomorph spiders noted for the impressive webs they weave. Nephila consists of numerous individual species found around the world. They are also commonly called golden orb-weavers, giant wood spiders, or banana spiders. The genus name Nephila is derived from Ancient Greek, meaning “fond of spinning”.

golden silk orb-weaver

golden silk orb-weaver

Painting of thoughts

A new day is rising

I wish I could feel the alterations of materials, seasons and people. People are the most complex among the three. Sometimes people feel like they are hurt, and sometimes they feel like they are inspired. Maybe its all a game of the mind where we play differently. But were we all intended to look at these sort of things differently or experience them differently? Or maybe we can just take a moment and really feel those changes in our lives.

What is it that you seek?

I have always been in dilemma before taking big decisions in most of the part of my life. Always cautious of what I will lose and what I will gain because of my decisions. But as I grew older and older, I started seeing things the way they are supposed to be seen rather than what they really are. In other words, I have started asking my mind questions before taking a decision. Do you think you and your mind are the same? I believe that just because an idea is coming inside from you, doesn’t mean that it really has to be your idea or your thought. I have accepted that my mind is not me. Whenever there is a thought I will ask questions to it. This has made me see things clearer.