I present you Project~ 365

I present you

A series that I have been with for the last one year. There are some good, some bad and some ugly shots. If you have the spare time, do go through the series.

Btw, next time if I plan for a series then it will be more like under the same theme rather than taking a photograph of whatever I like or whatever I can get.

But because of this 365 series I have come to know that what type of photographs I like and which ones I don’t like. Hope to work with new rhythm from now on and thanks again for the visit 🙂

I present you Project~ 365

Locus of comfort

A follower of Buddhism who was waiting for someone in the streets. Had no mobile, had no watch and was in no hurry. I think the one thing where I find similarity in Buddhism and Islam is the peace of mind. And of course this thought of mine is not universally correct nor logically correct because of the past history. I guess differences among people arise because different people interpret things differently.

Locus of comfort