One man’s words against thousands of people’s lives

Rana Plaza, a nine storied building which housed several garment factories collapsed at Savar, Bangladesh on 24th April, 2013. The building had developed severe cracks which was also reported on news channels. I learned about this information from ETV channel. The workers were hesitant to go to work the next day.

According to the ETV news interview with the owner Sohail Rana on Tuesday, the owner said that the media was improvising the situation. There was no crack, only the plaster around the pillars came up; it is nothing.

Sohail Rana

(Sohail Rana- Shot from the television during ETV news)

On 23rd April, some of the authority members of garments spread the news in the workers’ residing areas through loudspeakers that the building was safe for work and that there would be a usual work day the next morning. In addition, the manager of the factory also assured the workers that there was no severe problem. And so the workers went inside for their routine work. The next thing that happened marks a black day in the history of our country.

According to the sources, there used to work approximately 3100 people inside the factories. A fire fighter in the scene told that more than 2000 people have been rescued, out of which some managed to escape by themselves. According to the news, the death toll has already raised to 350.

(As I am writing this article, the numbers are consistently changing.)


It was a lot of work for the rescuers against the limited time. People were alive under the giant walls of the broken nine storied building. The local people, the firefighters, the army, rapid action battalion, police, different social workers belonging to different organizations were on the site.


It was not an accident, nor a calamity. It was murder, a massacre.


Will there ever be any end to the endurance, to the cruelty and to the injustice that the people of this country are going through?


The whole place was covered with the smell of death. It was impossible to believe that even a few days back people used to work here from the light of day till the darkness of dawn.


Yes, it was one man’s words against thousands of people’s lives.

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